Saturday, January 4, 2014

So..... That 2013.... Yea...

So... 2013, what a year! Not really, but.. ya know. As I think back about this year, I remember a lot of anger, not necessarily in my direct life, but in the world. So many people upset about this and that and whatever, that for the most part do not have anything to do with anybody's actual lives for them to be upset about. I also remember a lot of stupidity, more "reality" shows, more over dramatizing of Hollywood happenings, more grown ass adults crying over who gets to do what, childishly clamoring to get people's attention instead of having people's best interests in mind. 
But... There was some good in 2013, I got married! (woo) 
But 2013 craziness aside, I have high hopes for the new year! I personally stopped making resolutions a long time ago, but what I do is make little goals for myself. One of those goals is to be more patient. After enduring some serious road rage, it occurred to me that people are out of control in the disrespect aspect of life. I've always known how rude and ridiculous people can be, but I am overwhelmed by just how crazy it has gotten. I don't understand how people can be so lax in how they treat people. I didn't realize that people were so filled with hate that even the most simple acts of kindness are too much work. 

But either way, here's to the new year! I pray and hope that it is better than last year for everyone!

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