Monday, April 29, 2013

Oh the horror. ...

    Recently an article from Sports Illustrated detailing an interview done with Jason Collins, who plays professional basketball, and about him coming out to the public as homosexual was posted on Tom Joyner's Facebook fan page. To say that the comments were disappointing, would be an understatement. I hate that the black community is not willing to progress. I hate that hate is the forefront of most opinions. Hate = fear + ignorance. So don't tell me it's an abomination or against God's will. How can you even use the same argument as the kkk with a straight face? It's disappointing and saddening to see that so many share such a hateful view of others. I consider myself to be a God fearing woman who loves Jesus and praises his name everyday, but I choose to go with the positive messages like love one another, judge not lest ye be judged and the lesser known mind your business. Don't quote me on that last one. Black people are so quick to quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr when it applies to race, but do they realize his messages included everybody. ... even the lgbt community? We gotta do better, growing is a good thing, let's all grow together and pass it onto our children. ..

Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Day in the life of a sufferer...

       Wake up- another beautiful day... Oh wait not that beautiful. ..I have a migraine.  Sit up take 2 of 4 of my daily preventive pills and throw in a few advil to take the edge off of this jackhammer going off in my brain.  Into my child's room to wake them up for school, because I wake up much earlier than necessary to give them more time to stall getting ready. Take a shower, it's quite the task when you can't lean over because you know that will take this migraine from a 7 to a 20, but careful to also not turn too quickly or that way or this way for too long either. Survived the shower, now onto making sure the little one is getting ready. Oh good, she wants to fight about the time because she's tired. .. Ok no need to overreact because your head is exploding, try to be comforting so the situation doesn't get out of hand, I'm sure she won't notice you talking with your teeth bared.
      Getting on the road-Ok we're in the car, only 5 minutes behind, not bad, could be worse. Great, the school bus obviously doesn't see my huge SUV speeding down the road and that's why they chose to jump in front of me, cutting me off, and going 20 miles an hour. .. the same speed as the person next to them! Ok well at least I made it to the daycare to drop off my mini me, think it's time to pop some of the hard stuff. ...better make it two, hopefully that'll stop the tiny fairy from stabbing my skull. Oh yay traffic and more being cut off, well at least now I can add people nearly hitting me and going insanely slow and randomly braking because they're obviously texting. .. but who could they be texting at 730 in the morning I wonder?
     Starting the work day- Well I made it to work, 2 victories down. (The first one was dropping off my child, in case you forgot)  Thanks to traffic I still have 3 minutes to get inside. Thanks traffic! Ahhhh the lovely sounds of loud children, dogs barking, and insanely opinionated television sets in the background of all my calls, that medicine can kick in at anytime.... Oh this wasn't done right and this is the first time I've seen it and talked to you about it? Well, by all means, please feel free to scream and berate me for the issue. Well the medicine kicked in, but not enough to ease the pulsating drum behind me eyes, so I'm going to have to call it a day and go home.
    Back home- Another day not fully worked, how am I ever going to catch up with my bills? Staring at this computer screen trying to finish my homework feels like staring straight into a light bulb. Wow look at the time, and all I've accomplished is one sentence. I'll try again after I pick up my daughter.
      Bed time-I'm so excited to go to sleep, helping a 1st grader with homework should not be so difficult. Good thing she enjoys hot dogs so much, I'll try to cook tomorrow.  Guess I'll have to try to do my homework tomorrow as well.  I want to watch tv with my husband but it seems so loud and bright! Oh the volume is on 5? Well I'll just close my eyes and slowly turn over because this position is killing me and if I turn over too fast I'm likely to throw up because my head says so. But, before I close my eyes I'm just gonna take my other preventative meds and pop a couple more advil to try and quell the freightliner doing donuts in my brain.
       Good night.

  Luckily everyday is not like this, but unfortunately many are and some are even worse. Suffering from excessive migraines is extremely tough because it's very hard to find out why.  Everybody has triggers, but not everybody is blessed enough to know what those triggers are.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Now I understand....

  When I was younger I told my mother that I never wanted to have kids or even get married.... EVER!  I stood by that thinking for quite awhile into my 20s... and then came along my beautiful baby boy and all of my feelings changed regarding having children.. (still had to get my mind wrapped around getting married).  Now, 2 kids, a fiancee, and many years later I am starting to think that maybe I had that outlook because somehow I knew how scary this world was going to be.....  The biggest concerns I used to have about my children were being bullied, being clumsy enough to hurt themselves seriously, eating the right things, possibly being kidnapped or getting molested... While those things are still incredibly scary and constantly on my mind, I now have "other" issues that I must add to that list.  I now live in fear that with each phone call I am getting and not getting could mean my children might be facing some crazy person with a gun or a bomb threat at their school.  Watching the news is horrifying and almost at this point it's sad that the headline "gunman... blah blah blah" is pretty much "the norm".  It's amazing that this world that can be such a beautiful and magnificent place can also be so terrifyingly scary to the point of thinking about it all brings one to tears.  I am scared of the world my children are growing up in.  My heart goes out to Baltimore this evening, such a tragedy that shouldn't have happened......

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Parent Win.....then.....Parent Fail...

  Yesterday I had a couple different experiences with people.  The first experience was positive, made my heart smile.  While at the pizza shop, I walked up to the counter to place my order and when I was done, I turned to go sit down and wait.  There were 3 chairs that lined that wall in the tiny building and 2 of those were taken by a woman and her son.  I told my mini me to sit in the remaining chair and I stood by the wall.  Out of the corner of my eye I saw the woman talking and motioning to her son and then he stood up.  The woman moved to the farthest seat away and told me to have a seat.  I was astonished, as you don't see that very often nowadays.  There have been many numerous times when I have had to stand while grown men would sit and not offer their seat.  I told the mother and son thank you and she told me she was trying to teach him young.  I happily exclaimed that I was doing the same with my son, making sure he holds the door for people and such as well.  We laughed a bit and I told him that it would pay off in the end!  When they were leaving I made sure to tell her that she was a good mother.  That encounter completely made my day and restored a bit of faith in humanity for me...... that is until I went to the movies later that night......

   My fiancee and I went to go see Evil Dead, I was very excited because I loved the first one so much, even though I had heard it wouldn't be campy at all, I had to see it, just to see it.  We got to the theater, bought our tickets and started to head in.  My fiancee had to use the bathroom, so I went into the theater, which was right next to the bathroom.  There was a man standing in front of the doors who asked to see my ticket..I thought that was odd, but showed him anyway and he said he'd remember my man for when he finished doing his business and I went in to get a seat.  We always sit in the very back at the top, because we don't like people behind us.  As I was approaching the top row, I noticed the first 2 people sitting at the very end of the row at the top of the stairs was an older woman and a little boy, probably around the age of 8, maybe 9.  I couldn't believe that this child was in here for this movie, let alone being brought by his mother!  Maybe it was his aunt, grandmother, whoever she was, she was old enough to know better.  I stepped past them with an "excuse me" and sat a few seats away.  When I looked to my right after sitting down, I noticed the 2 people sitting closest to me were 2 young little girls, I'm sorry, 2 young TALKATIVE little girls.  They couldn't have been more than 13, maybe 12.  I thought my mind was going to explode at the obvious disregard for these children.  I'm not the best parent in the world and I consider myself to be pretty lax about most things, but come on!  After sitting next to the 2 most annoying out of place children in the world, I decided I had had enough and instead of unleashing on them like I wanted to, I simply chose to move away to new seats. (Very proud of myself for that)  Not only were these little girls in a movie totally inappropriate for their age group, but they clearly had no respect for other people with all of the noise they were making.

   After the movie, a family of 3 passed by us going down the aisle, the mother, father, and their 6 year old son.  I don't understand this phenomenon.  Why is it ok to take young children to such graphic movies?  What are these parents achieving by allowing this?  Am I the one who is crazy to think that this is not ok?  Who knows, maybe it is just me.  Maybe it is just me who thinks that subjecting such young and impressionable minds to such gore is not the appropriate thing to do.  Maybe it's just me who thinks that we should be surrounding children with positive images and educational aspects of life and show them the benefits of being kind, gracious, and things alike.  While I'm all about giving kids the reality of life, I don't find anything from Evil Dead to be any kind of reality.

What do you think?