Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Another note to whoever (1 million moms)

Dear 1 million moms,

I'd first like to applaud you on your over zealous title, seeing that you have still not even come close to 1 million likes, even though you began your warped mission in May of 2009.  I also wonder why you did not choose the title 1 million parents because I am sure there are men out there who share your obscure view on how to better the world.  Surely your blatant discrimination of men could have helped up your numbers a bit?  I scrolled through your fb page (as much as I could stomach) and what I get is that perhaps you're watching too much TV.  Maybe your cause as moms would be more helpful if you focused on making children's lives better as opposed to bullying other people for living theirs?  Perhaps your mission as moms would make more sense if you taught your children how to love everyone or at the very least, respect everyone for their differences.  As a mother, it is truly sad to see a bunch of women who think they are holier than thou, try to bully anyone who they seem to think is challenging them and their "family values".  Forget television, companies, the gay community, etc. ..what kind of example are YOU setting with your actions?  Do you tell your children it's ok to bully other children if they are different?  Do you plot with them when they decide to go after a classmate?  As a mother, here's some motherly advice:
1) mind your own business
2) God makes no mistakes (even though you and your Christianness think he does)
3) when you point your finger at someone, you have 3 fingers pointing back at you.
4) the golden rule that we are taught in kindergarten, treat everyone as you would like to be treated.
5) turn off the TV and read a book.
6) nobody likes a tattletale.
7) life is much easier when you look for the good and not the bad.

If your goal was to truly enlighten people to what was wrong with this country, first you should start with yourself, then you should realize that what you've been campaigning against are the LEAST of anyone's problems.

My Note to Whoever....(starting with A&F)

    Recently I read a very cute note written to Abercrombie and Fitch, written by a self-proclaimed "fat girl".  It got me to thinking, why don't we write notes to everyone who has pissed us off for some reason or another, whether it be big companies or celebrities or random people we run into everyday.  So here are my notes to whoever:

   Dear Mr. CEO of Abercrombie and Fitch,
How dare you think you are above anyone in anyway considering the picture I have found of you.  I had to do double research to determine if you were the one on the right or the left.  It is people like you, with your imaginary sense of prettiness that actually negates your so called cool and popular kid status.  Considering you're at least 60 years old (I'm guessing from the pictures I've seen), it's quite alarming that you are even worried about the popular or cool crowd anymore.  I imagine you were an outcast when you were in high school, so then you grew up and got a lot of money, which you then thought made you pretty and cool... I am here to tell you that your money has not made you pretty or cool.  It's so sad to see a grown man still trying to live life as though he were in high school, I pity you.  As far as your clothes and stores go..  Well, everything you sell is "vanilla", because I have honestly not seen anyone wear anything from Abercrombie and Fitch, with the exclusion of the extremely vanilla everyday, pretty lame shirt that says A&F (a shirt that I see most people throw on to run to the store, probably wal-mart, or to do yardwork, because they don't want to ruin their good clothes), since..... who knows when.  Although I do have to give you kudos for your loyal sheep-like customers, I can remember once, a very, very long time ago, going shopping with a friend.  This friend demanded that we stop at A&F, just to look around, I say demanded, because I did NOT want to go into what appeared to be extremely depressing and delusional store, not to mention the choking perfume or cologne that was wafting out of there so heavily, like desperation spewing from a 60 year old man's mouth as he talks about only wanting to appeal to high schoolers.  In the end, we walked around pretentious 'R' us, and ended up leaving without her buying anything, of course.  Later on that night, we ended up at some kid's party and wouldn't you know, there was a girl there wearing the EXACT same outfit as one of the mannequins at your store!  I couldn't believe it, I was totally mortified that this chick had no sense of originality at all, I literally saw her and had my jaw drop out of disbelief.  This girl then became the drunk belligerent girl who, by the end of the night was hanging on every male at the party...so sad, but not surprising.  I know your words are from a couple years ago, so why don't you do us all a favor and

Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Hypocrisy and Other Things.....

   Recently one part of the Kriss Kross duo passed away.  He had been in the media a few years ago due to a picture he took with a fan that did not show him or his hair in the greatest light.  The result of that picture was the same as the result of any picture or story that is "celebrity" related.  People made assumptions and the rumors and sh!t talking began.  An editor of some magazine or something wrote up a story about it and suggested that we end "celebrity" bullying.  I heard about this story on a satellite radio station while driving home from work.  I thought it was interesting that this DJ was so adamant about agreeing to end "celebrity" bullying when, whenever I forget to change the channel from hearing these people talk about nonsense, I listen to all of these DJs indulging in "celebrity" gossip and judging this person and that person because of what they wore, how their hair was, who they were with, blah blah blah.  It's so easy for people to jump on the bandwagon of an idea that sounds so noble and catchy, but how do they not realize that they are, in fact, talking about themselves?  I mean, the audacity of someone standing on their soapbox to talk down to others to tell them what THEY should be doing, when they are the biggest perpetrators of said doings.  You may be wondering why I keep putting celebrity in quotation marks... The reason I am doing this is because the people who are being talked about do include actual celebrities such as actors, actresses, singers, etc., but they also include reality stars who are famous simply for being dramatic and ridiculous and therefore I do not see them as celebrities but faux celebrities.  There is an increasingly growing trend of obnoxious people having their every move watched and documented as if they are of some importance.  It's bad enough that because some actress or singer checks into some rehab, it's considered Breaking News, now we're adding these people clinging to their last 2 minutes of fame into the mix.
    I'm sure I'm coming off as sounding hateful or mean, but... who cares?!  I love movies and music and TV just as much as the next person, if not more, but what these people wear, date, eat.... is not important.  It doesn't affect me at all and therefore is not news.  I have found myself a little resentful at the money these people make sometimes, especially the young stars, but in the end you really can't knock their hustle, good for them.  I saw a meme online with Jada Pinkett talking on a panel regarding some issue and all the comments where: "she makes millions of dollars, who cares what she has to say?"  Or "She leads a life of luxury, what does she know about the average person?"  If someone is using their celebrity to stand up for a cause, then shut the hell up!?  Disregarding someone because they make a lot of money is the same as disregarding someone because they have no money.  America is in serious trouble with no signs of getting better and it is truly scary.

     It's amazing how many people consider themselves the end all be all of opinions when it comes to anything, especially when they go online.  Granted, I realize I could be put into this category myself, but...who really cares?!  If more people started worrying about themselves and their own family, imagine the possibilities!  In the immortal words of the little girl in the video below....