Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Hypocrisy and Other Things.....

   Recently one part of the Kriss Kross duo passed away.  He had been in the media a few years ago due to a picture he took with a fan that did not show him or his hair in the greatest light.  The result of that picture was the same as the result of any picture or story that is "celebrity" related.  People made assumptions and the rumors and sh!t talking began.  An editor of some magazine or something wrote up a story about it and suggested that we end "celebrity" bullying.  I heard about this story on a satellite radio station while driving home from work.  I thought it was interesting that this DJ was so adamant about agreeing to end "celebrity" bullying when, whenever I forget to change the channel from hearing these people talk about nonsense, I listen to all of these DJs indulging in "celebrity" gossip and judging this person and that person because of what they wore, how their hair was, who they were with, blah blah blah.  It's so easy for people to jump on the bandwagon of an idea that sounds so noble and catchy, but how do they not realize that they are, in fact, talking about themselves?  I mean, the audacity of someone standing on their soapbox to talk down to others to tell them what THEY should be doing, when they are the biggest perpetrators of said doings.  You may be wondering why I keep putting celebrity in quotation marks... The reason I am doing this is because the people who are being talked about do include actual celebrities such as actors, actresses, singers, etc., but they also include reality stars who are famous simply for being dramatic and ridiculous and therefore I do not see them as celebrities but faux celebrities.  There is an increasingly growing trend of obnoxious people having their every move watched and documented as if they are of some importance.  It's bad enough that because some actress or singer checks into some rehab, it's considered Breaking News, now we're adding these people clinging to their last 2 minutes of fame into the mix.
    I'm sure I'm coming off as sounding hateful or mean, but... who cares?!  I love movies and music and TV just as much as the next person, if not more, but what these people wear, date, eat.... is not important.  It doesn't affect me at all and therefore is not news.  I have found myself a little resentful at the money these people make sometimes, especially the young stars, but in the end you really can't knock their hustle, good for them.  I saw a meme online with Jada Pinkett talking on a panel regarding some issue and all the comments where: "she makes millions of dollars, who cares what she has to say?"  Or "She leads a life of luxury, what does she know about the average person?"  If someone is using their celebrity to stand up for a cause, then shut the hell up!?  Disregarding someone because they make a lot of money is the same as disregarding someone because they have no money.  America is in serious trouble with no signs of getting better and it is truly scary.

     It's amazing how many people consider themselves the end all be all of opinions when it comes to anything, especially when they go online.  Granted, I realize I could be put into this category myself, but...who really cares?!  If more people started worrying about themselves and their own family, imagine the possibilities!  In the immortal words of the little girl in the video below....


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