Monday, April 29, 2013

Oh the horror. ...

    Recently an article from Sports Illustrated detailing an interview done with Jason Collins, who plays professional basketball, and about him coming out to the public as homosexual was posted on Tom Joyner's Facebook fan page. To say that the comments were disappointing, would be an understatement. I hate that the black community is not willing to progress. I hate that hate is the forefront of most opinions. Hate = fear + ignorance. So don't tell me it's an abomination or against God's will. How can you even use the same argument as the kkk with a straight face? It's disappointing and saddening to see that so many share such a hateful view of others. I consider myself to be a God fearing woman who loves Jesus and praises his name everyday, but I choose to go with the positive messages like love one another, judge not lest ye be judged and the lesser known mind your business. Don't quote me on that last one. Black people are so quick to quote Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr when it applies to race, but do they realize his messages included everybody. ... even the lgbt community? We gotta do better, growing is a good thing, let's all grow together and pass it onto our children. ..

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