Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Need Money, Will Work!

Wake up
Go potty
Get daughter ready for school
Take daughter to school
Go home
Send out resume
Pick up daughter from school
Cook dinner
Clean house
Greet husband
Check homework
Interact with husband
Check 4th grade homework
Get daughter ready for bed
Watch daughter and husband floss
Say prayers
Watch TV
Go to sleep
Wake up... Do it all again

This has been my daily routine for about 2 months... 2 years.... Who knows at this point. I of course left out the feelings of uselessness, boredom, depression, hopelessness, obsessive facebooking, obsessive instagramming, excessive vining, oh you get the idea. It's fun to joke that I'm "domesticated" now. Ha ha, ha ha ha, Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Sigh, did I mention I've been working since I was 16? I'm almost, ALMOST, twice that age now. Not working is like a death sentence for me. I can't handle it. I mean, there was that one time with my daughter when I was out of work, but she was a toddler and I had plenty to keep me distracted. Cue the potty training replete with poop smeared bedroom memories... I actually miss those days.
Those days when Pinterest and facebook hadn't become as popular. Even without the smartphone app access, I was still busy! Now, back in the now, today, I'm trying desperately to work.... To no avail. I've sent my resume to so many companies at this point, that when I do get a call for an interview, I have no remembrance of who the company is! I just agree and agree and thank the Lord that somebody actually calls me! Believe me, it's not happening as often as I'd like, hence my return back to blogging, lol, hey y'all!
One thing I've learned about employers these days is they really want to make sure they have the right person, lol. I mean multiple interviews! One company I applied with had me interviewing for about a month, hand to God! And I still didn't get it! But I did get free Starbucks (which is the only way I'd go there anyway,) not that it compared to the gas I spent going back and forth. And don't even get me started on the traffic here!
But, in my constant search to be employed, I've only reached the depths of sadness a couple of times. Thank goodness I've had plenty of well wishers and encouragement from friends and family, and football season is back! Go Pack Go! I'm managing to keep hope alive, my head up, and a positive attitude (for the most part, I'm not perfect!) And now that I've remembered my outlet, I'll be back to blogging more, hope you missed me, I missed you!
To be continued......

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