Sunday, February 24, 2013

Best Thing E.V.E.R

   I totally just had a HUGE "Go Me" attack while getting ready for work.  It's always so easy for me to get down on myself for this or that and just go nutzo for, no reason, on myself at the most random times.  This morning though I had a complete 180 of that!  I was getting ready for work and thinking about all of the projects I am trying to get going like, my foundation, PTA, write a book, school, blah blah blah.  I was thinking about my book, and I just started thinking about how incredibly good it will be, especially if I am able to put it on screen or something.  I am so excited to get this book done!  It is something that needs to be out there, it is long overdue.  That is all, I just wanted to share that with everyone, Try to have a giant "Go Me" today!  It's really fun! :D

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