Friday, February 8, 2013

I am me and me is not perfect

   I am a certified people watcher, absolutely love to just watch people as they truly blow my mind for one reason or another.  Admitting that I am a people watcher, I must also admit that I am a certified card carrying member of the s#!+ talkers platinum society.  I realize that in my quest to be enlightened and enlighten others (especially females), that this behavior is contradictory.  I am constantly conflicted with trying to be above the norm and being my normal jokey self. 

  Do not mistake my being not only a member, but also the president of the s#!+ talkers platinum society as me being a bully in any way shape or form.  My s#!+ talking stems from observing people in their everyday ridiculousness.  I don't go out of my way to belittle or put people down, I simply comment on what is.  I don't walk up to random strangers and start tearing them apart, my observations are usually in my head or said to the person/people I'm with or talking to at the time. 

  While I do point out the ridiculousness that is many people walking around looking foolish, I also point out those who are the exact opposite as well as point out those exceptions to their face, as anyone who is on point should definitely be told they are doing a good job.  Some people may say this is talking behind people's backs....  I do not see it as this.  First off how can I talk behind someone's back who I do not know?  Second off if I know you and you fall into the category of ridiculousness, then I will most definitely make you aware of my opinion.  On the other hand, I would expect my friends to do the same, you can't call yourself a friend if you let me walk around looking crazy, sometimes we need an extra set of eyes to see what we don't or can't.

   I decided to write about this topic because I saw a meme that said something to the affect of-  if you know someone who is always talking about other people to you, then they're probably talking to other people about you.  The first thing I think is I'm truly stick of all these pseudo intellectual semi intellectual generalized classifications of every given situation.  The second thing I think is... stfu.  Lol...

   I've always said that it's human nature to make opinions of people at first glance, what's important is if you let those opinions influence your actual opinion of that person once and if you meet them....  what do you think? 

Hope you enjoy the graphic I made on my new note 2  ^.^

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