Wednesday, January 23, 2013


  Well the inauguration was a couple of days ago and I thought it was just absolutely wonderful.  Everyone there just seemed genuinely happy and thankful to be there.  It was truly a moving speech that will forever be remembered.  It is a brilliantly awesome thing to have the President of the United States stand up for everybody, including women and LGBT in public form as he did.  There were a lot of unhappy people who were positively disgusted by the idea of this celebration happening, and that makes me sad to a point.  It's pretty amazing how people's true colors will show through when they feel threatened or get upset enough.

  First there was the "outrage" about the President's speech for the memorial of the Sandy Hook victims - *enter racist remarks here* - then during the inauguration erupted yet again - *enter death wishes here*.  Is it because of the overwhelming abundance of social media that has given people the power of anonymous courage?  Or is it just because of our new President, fueled by mob mentality, racism, and misinformation?  Whatever the reason, the trend is becoming frighteningly  more and more popular.

  Honestly it's scary. It's scary, sad, heartbreaking, unnerving, mind-boggling, etc., etc.....  I worry for my daughter and son for the world that they are being born into.  I fear that racism, prejudice, and hate are not going away as once thought, but at this point being spoon-fed to those most susceptible and then being taught to their children with the cycle continuing over and over.  People are advertising that they are starting communes to keep the rest of the country out of their lives? (WTF?)  It almost feels that with every step forward (electing a mixed President), we take 5 steps back (school shootings in abundance, people spouting assassinating the President is a good idea,etc...).  In the words of Susan Powter.....STOP THE MADNESS!!!  Let's get it together...together!

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