Tuesday, January 8, 2013

You're SO right, but not really...

  I'm back and rip rarin to go!  The below picture is a picture I have seen floating around FB for a couple days now and it is infuriating!  I have been seeing and hearing so much about how the President has ruined people's lives and blah blah blah.  Mind you this is mostly online...from people's facebook pages...  What I don't understand is if you're so bad off as you claim, how are you able to be online?  When I was doing bad, I didn't have a computer, let alone internet service and if I needed to use the computer so bad then I wouldn't go to the library to rant and rave on FB..(I'd use it to look for a job).  But I digress, this picture is just ridiculous for so many reasons..  First of all, eating out in itself is a luxury, people are going through hard times don't go out to eat, it's very costly to do so.

  When you go out to eat there is some give and take that should happen, you sit, enjoy your meal and drinks, and other people take care of everything else for you.  The people who take care of everything for you, don't work for free (close to it) but not for free.  Servers make less than 5 dollars an hour which means they rely on the patrons tips for their services to make ends meet.  Depending on where you go, those tips are sometimes split between the other people that take care of everything for you including, but not limited to the hostesses, bussers, and bartenders.  If you go out to eat and then claim that you don't have enough to tip, then you shouldn't go out to eat.  If you go out to eat and then claim that you REFUSE to tip due to some ridiculous cop-out in order to make a point, then you are an ASS.  You're contradicting yourself at every turn!  You would rather use the money you could use to tip your server to make stupid cards?  You claim you've been robbed by the President so you're going to essentially do to someone else what you claim is being done to you?!  How dare people be so self-righteous?  How dare you claim to be a victim when everything you have done up to this point has shown the exact opposite?  I served in restaurants for over 10 years and if somebody left this card on my table, then I would lose my job that night due to the choice words I would have for said patron.  Then to say you wish it didn't have to be this way...for BOTH OF US?!

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