Friday, January 11, 2013

Story of a Not-So-ABW

  It has come to my attention that most of my blog posts may come off a bit "angry", I was jokingly called an ABW - Angry Black Woman, which is the farthest thing from the truth.  I am actually more of a pretty hysterical (in my opinion), strong willed, goofy, sometimes ditzy, laid back kinda chick.  To prove how much I am NOT an ABW, I am going to share a story with you.  Let's call it: The tale of the oblivious:

  When my first born son was around 1 years old, I used to work at a convenience store overnight by myself.  I didn't mind, I was very used to being up all night anyway, plus I got to work by myself and that meant no other people to get on my nerves or in my way.  This one morning towards the end of my shift, I was dealing with my usual morning rush of customers.  Everything was going pretty smoothly, I was joking around with the customers, blah blah blah, when while I had a line of people at the register, this young man rode up shirtless on his bike.  Like all convenience stores, they have certain rules about charging for cups for water, the water is free, but the cup is not.  Well, the gentleman came in, upper torso fully tatted, and asked for a cup of water.  I explained to him, while still checking out customers, that he would have to pay for the cup.  I never thought about it, but the customers kept staring at him and were moving very slowly.  The gentleman did not take my news about paying 50 cents for the paper cut, lightly.
   He made it vocally known that he did not care for this policy of paying for a cup and went into a tirade of yelling and screaming at me about this policy.  I was watching him, but I wasn't really listening, but he was going off!  Luckily he was walking out of the store as he was performing his show.  Once he got outside, he continued he tantrum of cursing and yelling and giving me the finger as he got his bike and walked it back to the street slowly and continued his journey. While we all stood in the store kind of chuckling about the events that had transpired, the current customer I was ringing up looked at me with a strange look in his eye and asked me if I was worried?  I scoffed a bit and asked why would I be worried?  He then asked me if I had seen the swastika and white pride tattoos he had all over his body.  :O  WHAT?! I looked out the window to see if I could still see the disgruntled bike man and sure enough he was still trekkin down the street...slowly....looking back at me..
  It was then that I realized that maybe working by myself everyday isn't the best thing in the world anymore, lol.  At this point all of the customers were looking at me, a bit concerned, I guess waiting to see if I would kick them all out, lock the doors, call the cops, and resort to the fetal position in the corner.  I did what any other sane person would do I suppose... I just laughed nervously with my eyes darting back and forth from the door to the register and make silly jokes like, well I hope he isn't riding his bike to his White Pride hangout to get his buddies or worse to get 50 cents..ha ha ha..  Thankfully the guy never came back, but I did watch the door for the rest of my shift and constantly looked over my shoulder as I walked home. that I've told that story, I have no idea how that proves I'm not an ABW, but it helps to know that I did not snap my fingers, roll my neck or my eyes during that whole situation!  I didn't get angry at all during that entire time just more confused and amused (at first) than anything.

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