Monday, December 24, 2012

Maybe it is ME...and NOT you?! (the horror)

  Yesterday as I was driving my daughter and I to her Godfathers' house to pick up, yet more Christmas gifts, (I swear my kids could have their own FB fan pages), I had decided to make a conscience decision to not be such a road-ragey person.  I drove down the street, listening to the Green Bay game, I watched the cars zoom by me as I stayed complacent behind the slower cars, because I would be turning anyway.  Everything seemed to be going fine, until we began our trip home.  Going down a 2 lane street...super slow...feeling as nauseous as possible and I was okay with that, especially since Green Bay was wampin the Tennessee Titans into oblivion.  I was feeling good, for the most part, then came the doofus who actually started to go at a green light....then stopped...for a pedestrian who thought he owned the sidewalk and was going to defy all the huge cars going down the road.
  The pedestrian finally looked up, before walking into the street... YET the dinkus in front of me, was not going... Unfortunately my good nature had worn out it's welcome.  I honked at Albert Einstein to go, but he turned out to be one of those people who feels that someone honking at them is a challenge, I mean how dare someone feel the need to alert them that they are being a complete jackass and holding up traffic!  So in return for my wakeup call, Mr. Einstein started to go, then thought better of it, and stopped.....because stopping is the ultimate revenge.  Well, in my newfound state of driving unfrazzedly, I checked my mirrors to ensure that no one was around me to get hit, and promptly went around him, of course cursing him out the entire time.  Once I got in front of Einstein, I of course slowed down as much as I could stand until we got to the turn.

  Now I know that if I had truly evolved into a new patient person, I would have just waited, had the light turn red, sit through the red light, and continue on with my journey.  But I am not discouraged, I know that I can eventually be a much more patient driver if I just continually work at it.  I have to wonder though...wouldn't it just be easier if people weren't so ridiculous and dumb when it comes to driving?  I have from time to time pondered that it could be me, having rage issues....but then again, that would mean it was me....yea right!


  1. Best calm down know us blacks be havin' that high blood pressure, and we likes our pig...

  2. This is very true, although I have been Blessed so far with good blood pressure, but I suppose maybe it only gets high when I'm driving.

  3. Note to self - don't ride with Kyla! LOL

  4. Hey! I'm fun! And if anything the anger and rants are humorous and short :p