Saturday, December 8, 2012

Take Care of Home FIRST

  There is saying, take care of your own home before stepping into someone else's and telling them how to take care of theirs... (or something like that).  I have always enjoyed this particular saying, mainly because it makes sense, a lot of sense.  I think about this saying when I hear about actors and actresses adopting children from foreign countries.  With all the suffering children right here in America, why would anyone go anywhere else to find a child?  Don't get me wrong, I also feel bad about what is going on in other places, because it is very bad, but look what is happening right here, if you want to help, help the people closest to you.  The way I see it is, the more local people you help and influence, then you are able to create a more stable environment to bring others into.  I don't think I could see so many children in need right in front of me and bypass them to help somebody miles away.  But that's just me, what do I know?  This saying applies to many situations though... I just like it cuz it makes me. 

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