Saturday, December 22, 2012

What I took away from 2 0 1 2 (part II)

  2012 showed me that official really means official and second, third, or fourth place just doesn't cut it sometimes.  I discovered that in 2012, I am actually a tad bit interested in the olympics; to a certain degree.  2012 revealed a passion and a fire within me to speak up, to fight for what I believe is right.  Throughout the year I have watched in horror as society made idols of faux celebrities, clamored in delight at the latest "breaking news" of what so and so actor/musician/realitard showperson was up to next, praised teen pregnancy and made light of serious situations by doing these things.  The uneasiness I felt in my stomach at the discovery of these things is what fueled the passion within me, the heartbreak and disappointment is what finally made me say, enough is enough.

  I have seen that through the shallowness and inconsideration, that common decency and plain niceness are still around and appreciated.  I had to make a conscience decision to gravitate towards more positive outlets, to make more of an effort to see beauty and displaying beauty myself.  Every year is another reminder that we've made it, when so many other people were not so fortunate.  With each passing day goes another opportunity to make things better in some way. 

  2012 had it's ups and downs as does any year, some things were the worst some have ever seen and some were the greatest.  Either way, the past year contained many lessons to learn or ignore, the question is did we choose which lessons go into the right categories, wisely?

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