Thursday, December 6, 2012

Just..... wow

  Can somebody please explain to me the lingo that is being used by today's "hot artists"?  Terms like "goodie" and "bruh bruh"...... WTH?  Why hasn't anybody told these people that these words and phrases are just stupid.  "Bruh Bruh" is not a cute term, especially by a grown man.  It sounds like something a toddler would say.  To make it worse, people just latch onto these phrases because they hear them in a song, as if that makes these sayings golden.  Just stop it!  It's amazing that rappers, singers, and actors have been given such control over society.  Why are we allowing these people, some of which are pseudo-celebrities, set the standards of what is acceptable in everyday life?  Hundreds of TV shows, magazines, specials, and internet crap, devoted to what these people are doing.... why?  Why is this so important suddenly? 

  Why is everyone's main objective to have the same purse as the chick on that magazine cover?  Why does that little boy want to wear those shoes just because a Basketball player wears them or has their name on them?  I just find it hard to understand the fascination behind knowing every movement of so and so, just because they're on TV or a movie or on the radio.  The entertainment industry is no longer for entertainment, for a lot of people, it is a lifestyle to be emulated.  Long gone are the days of children aspiring to be doctors, lawyers, and even the president; kids want to be the next big rapper or reality show knockoff.  This is a sad, sad day for everyone.  This should be alarming to everybody with a pulse!  Next year I will be embarking on a way to hopefully stop this trend and I hope you all will join me.... It's time for intelligence and compassion to win over fading trends and fakery.  (yes fakery...I don't know if that is a real word...but it should be!) :)

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