Friday, November 30, 2012

Another Discovery!

Fb is a playground for new and disturbing information.  Today I stumbled upon a page called American White History Month.....  This page amazes me because, first of all when I was growing up and going through school, I would say 90 percent of the lessons given where about what white people have done throughout history.  This is not a problem for me, it is what it is, no big deal.  What I'm stunned at is the comments on this page.  The people on this page, well some of them, some of the ones that I could stomach reading, put on their big person caps and angrily protest that they are not racist.... As you read their comments's quickly forgotten that these people "are not racist".  One man actually uses the word negro..multiple times... Lemme clear that up for everyone in the world, right here and right now... calling black people negros is the equivalent of calling us niggers.  It's not ok, at all, and I cannot understand why anyone would think that it is.  It boggles the mind that people will say that they are not racist, until they are blue in the face, but their actions and words do not reflect that..

  Is the term so offensive, that people think that they can be racist, but to be called a racist is just too far?!  I saw something that a very well known actor had said about racism, that the way for it to go away is to stop talking about it.  I do not agree with that at all, when has ignoring something ever made anything better?  Racism is already not very talked about and has it gone away?  One of these days I would love to just sit and have a nice long discussion about so many different things going on with people from every race, gender, sexual preference, I would really love that, before I am able to do that, please take a look at an article where I read a very thought provoking essay about a white woman who had a very unique stance on racism, something I have never, in my life, heard articulated as thought provokingly as this woman did.  It's a bit lengthy, but very intelligent and amazing to see someone so self aware:

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