Thursday, November 8, 2012

The positive side of music....

I love and adore music! All types of music, rnb, country, rap, musicals, classical... the more the better!  Every song speaks to me like a scene in a movie.  There are certain songs that I can listen to and the tears will flow like a beautiful sad river, and other songs make me so happy that I can't be still.  I have no idea why music has such a powerful grip on me, maybe because I was an only child for ten years I had to have a vivid imagination to keep from getting bored, and MTV provided a museum of different pictures to engage me or maybe it's because my house was constantly filled with music that wrapped me in a melodic blanket and took me to different places within my mind. 
    I've thought for awhile now how awesome it would be to choose songs for movie soundtracks, be surrounded by music allllllll day trying to choose the perfect fit for a particular feeling being created.  Music has the ability to transform a terrible moment into something incredible with just the sound of a note. I honestly don't think I could survive without music.  Music makes my soul smile.

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