Friday, November 30, 2012

When does the innocence and sweetness stop?

  Ahhhhhh, children.  They are so sweet, simple, and honest.  They are this way because they don't know different and it should stay that way as long as possible!  I was reminded of the innocence of children over the weekend at the mall.  Even though I have my own children and witness their innocence everyday, it's somehow different when it is a random child.  While going from store to store, and location to location for my mother, we were on the escalators at Sears, my mom was in front, my daughter next, and me pulling up the rear on my phone.  Suddenly I heard a little voice say something, I thought the little voice was talking to my mom or at least my daughter, so when I looked up and saw the little girl behind the little voice staring at me, I responded ever so eloquently: huh?  The little girl with the little voice, still staring at me, repeated herself and said: You're pretty.  A simple statement that was anything but simple to me.  I looked at her, completely shocked and in disbelief, and all I could do was gush out a stuttering Thank you!  She smiled and skipped back to her place back in the TV section.

  This was one of the sweetest things to happen to me in a long time that didn't involve my fiancee, kids, family, or friends.  It makes my heart smile big just thinking about the innocence a child possesses to just say whatever they are feeling, never thinking about the consequences.  Even though this isn't always the best thing, honesty is always an incredible and admirable character trait to possess.  I thought it was just too precious that this little girl took a moment out of her people watching time to pass on a compliment.  If everybody could take a minute out of their day to pass on a compliment to a stranger, just think about how many people could be uplifted daily!  I will never forget that little girl, she will never know how sweet that was or how much it meant to me, and that just makes it even more memorable!

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