Sunday, November 25, 2012

Snapped....I'd say so...

  So I'm at home resting after a visit from my lovely mother, and I'm watching the show, Snapped, on Oxygen.  You know the one where a woman has clearly lost her mind and decided to kill a man in her life.  This show amazes me!  I cannot wrap my mind around the thought of people resorting to murder to solve their issues.  They all start off the same, testimonials from people close to the women saying how great the women were and the fact that they killed someone is shocking!  A lot of these situations are not really "snapped" situations, I don't think.  These stories are about women who end up in various situations, unhappy marriages, cheating spouse, the woman cheating, girls upset at their dad, greed, etc.  The women cheat and then decide they no longer want to be with their spouse, so of course the natural step would be murder.  Women decide that the lifestyle they have grown accustomed to would be so much more endearing without the person who helped make it all happen, so of course, murder must ensue.  Dad disagrees with new boyfriend, so he must die as well.  I suppose this is why forensic psychology is so intriguing to me, I am just super interested in the minds of people and their actions.  I want to know why murder is a logical step in some people's minds, while divorce, breaking up, moving out, or moving on is logical to others.

  It sometimes makes me very nervous to think about how unpredictable people are, even people you have never met in your life, could possibly hold your fate in their hands...scary.

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