Monday, November 26, 2012

No really? You're serious?

I am almost at a loss for words about the discovery I have stumbled upon today.  From the fb page of Marquis De Suave, came the eye opener of all time about some men in this world.  Apparently there are men who think they are being discriminated against because they are men.... yes because they are men.  When I say I looked through these fb pages' posts with my mouth wide opened in shock, I am not exaggerating!  There were so many mind blowing topics and discussions that I'm finding it hard to list them, my mind was that blown, and still is. 

  The men on these pages are seriously under the impression that they are being mistreated in society, most of them white men.  This revelation has me completely perplexed.  I never knew that men had it so tough in life.  Here I am in the dark, while all this neglect has been happening, from the discrimination in the workplace to the constant berating from the media.   I mean, I never realized how rare it was to see a man in a position of power at a company, nor did I pay any attention to the constant missed job opportunities my male friends were passed over for to give to a woman who was less qualified.  How could I not take seriously the general lack of respect for men in general, I mean you see it everywhere; on the streets, in the media, and even in politics.

  One commentator even pointed out how chivalry was making male discrimination worse!  How could I have possibly missed that?  I mean it makes perfect sense, whenever men show respect towards women it totally leaves the door open for discrimination.  I hope you all have learned as much as I did today, and know that together, we can stop this madness!  I mean what is the world coming to when a man feels threatened by women standing up for themselves.... could be the end of civilization as we know it.............

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