Thursday, November 8, 2012

But I'm sooooo much more than that....

I have had 1 serious constant struggle throughout my life.  It is quite possibly the most frustrating and mind boggling aspect I've had yet to overcome.   I have been told that I am too honest, too in your face, a Type A personality.   These descriptions given to me were always accompanied by, "and that's a great thing, but!  Maybe it would be better if you toned it down."  What I take this to mean is, your personality is fine, just adopt a different one while you're at work.  
   Why does my work not speak for itself?  Why do I have to pander to to the masses in order to be taken seriously about my work?  Yes I have a louder than normal laugh, I was Blessed with the ability to enjoy life heartily and I make no apologies for that.   It boggles my mind that a company goal is to keep their employees uncomfortable.  Obviously I don't feel it acceptable to be constantly yelling or being over the top throughout the workday on a constant basis, but why is the person who does their job and does it extremely well discounted because they're social?  
   Who would you rather work with, the person who is easy going or the person that Shhhhhhh's you for attempting social interaction?  Should my value as an employee be based solely on the level of my occasional laughter or the fact that when there is something to be done, I get it done 100%?  But alas that is life and it's all about perspective...

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