Saturday, November 17, 2012


I am a firecracker, I get the ball rolling.  I am highly motivated and organized and love starting a project.  The worst thing about starting a project can be one of many things, like time, money, research, getting people on board blah blah blah.  I refuse to give up until I'm on the ground, knocked out, and bloody and someone's wrapping me up in a blanket telling me it's over and it's time to bounce back, and even then it's hard.  I'm facing a huge hurdle right now with a current, not so current project that due to the holidays I cannot really get started and it is driving me bonkers!  I have started the research and it starts to make me weary to think of all the obstacles I will be facing. 

  But I know that through perseverance and faith my want to help others will get this accomplished, even though it's going to take quite some time.  Making a schedule and communicating with my partners in this should help this move along with everyone giving their all.

  Isn't it frustrating as hell though to see others doing what you're ready to do?  Sometimes that can be a deterrent, because we start to assume that they had help, they were given money, or even that they are just better.   The key to that obstacle I think is turning it into a motivational point, seeing their strides and hearing their stories is sometimes the kick in the butt we need.

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