Sunday, November 11, 2012

Orbitz is not enough to clean up this potty mouth...

I have made a conscience decision not to include profanity in my blog, mostly out of respect for my mother, since I was bugging her to read it.   In general though, I see nothing wrong with colorful conversation.   I think profanity is swell and a great way to express oneself.  I've always wondered why people say using profanity makes someone look less than intelligent...  I don't think that makes sense at all.  Summing up someone's entire identity from a few choice words is not fair, one might go so far as to say that is passing judgement without any real basis... i.e. discriminating, which as we all know is in itself ignorant to judge a book by its cover.  Just because I choose to drop a few F bombs here and there does not mean that what I am actually talking about has no substance or merit, I think that would mean that the person offended by my words is so short sided that they got caught up on a couple words and as a result missed the entire point I was trying to make... ADD much?

  There is always a time and place for things of course and I'm a form believer in respecting your elders... but the blanket consensus that profanity=lower intellect is just silly.  I enjoy my "creative" words and try to find as many opportunities to use them as possible, lol cuz they're just words and they're so much fun and oh so perfect sometimes.

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