Saturday, November 17, 2012

EBT paid for that?!

  We've all heard at least one person say: I hate to go shopping with the little money that I have and see someone else, decked out in designer clothes with an iPhone paying with their government benefit card.  This statement is laughable ridiculous to me, so much so that even writing it makes me chuckle.  I know good and well that there are of course people out there who will abuse the system, any system, in some way.  That is what people do, they try to get ahead as much as possible without having to work for it.  Let me clear up one version of the aforementioned statement.... government benefits do not pay for BMWs, Gucci, or nice houses... Yes I have heard this claim.  Let me also clear up something else, there is this thing called a knockoff, they are sold EVERYWHERE!  You can get a Cucci watch for like twenty bucks.  So before you feel cheated by the lazy, no good, welfare abusers; consider this:  Not everything that glitters is gold, and what you think you see, may in fact not be what you think you see at all.  That woman in line paying with an assistance card, while holding her Versace purse and Evo LTE, may be picking up groceries for someone else, that woman you saw get out of her Cadillac, with her hair and nails done, sporting a lovely looking designer bag...might have borrowed the car from someone else to get to the store, be in beauty school, and got a knockoff Versale.

  Assuming anything about anyone you just happen by for a couple of minutes, tells no one ANYTHING!  Never assume, because we all know what that does.... it makes an ASS out of U and ME ;)


  1. I completely agree with this. But I personally know of people that make good money but cheat the system to use ebt cards and other government funded assistance. Its very true that making assumptions isn't a solution. However, its very hard to trust when you see so many things like this. If I was that hard off for cash. Which I am, but I don't qualify. I would not be spending my 20 bucks even on a cheap knock off purse. That 20 bucks would be spent on something more worthwhile like food,medicine, and survival supplies for my family. The amount of money that a family gets for a month of groceries on ebt cards is more than I can even afford to spend in 4 months of groceries plus entertainment. If anything, the amount that government provides should be decreased. In would love to be able to have that amount of grocery money. My pantry would be packed. But like you said. There will always be abusers of every system.

  2. True Alicia, one would think anyone that needs to rely on any assistance would not worry about things like purses and what not, but unfortunately I can tell you that is not the mentality. (coincidentally this touches on my next post ;) People's priorities are rarely what they should be and that is only part of the problem.