Saturday, November 17, 2012

Common Sense, Oh Common Sense....Wherefore Art Thou?

This will be a common post, a collection of funny (to me) stories,  scenarios, and situations about the lack of common sense and how they sit in my mind.  All of these stories are true, the names of the people involved have been omitted out of respect...but you know who you are!
Act I:
Calling into a customer service line for a phone company... the automated voice asks if the number you're calling from is the number associated with your account, you say yes. The automated voice then asks you to punch in the number associated with your account, so you punch it in.  Then the rep who finally gets on the line asks you for your damn phone number associated with your account!  Why do I have to tell yall three different times, if not more?  Common sense people, get it together!



  1. Or how the manufacturer of my almond milk needed to let its customers know that it contains almonds rofl.

  2. Oh the many convos we have and will continueto have about this not so common...common sense.

  3. lol @ Bird, and yes Alicia....they will never end, this I know.