Tuesday, November 13, 2012


It's amazing how a rumor or accusation can turn into so much more.. Right now there is a story about the puppeteer for Elmo, a story that states that he had a sexual relationship with a sixteen year old boy, 7 years ago. I believe it is the nature of our society to want to see people embarrassed, to want to see people fall. People's first instinct is to turn this story of an unfortunate yet unproven circumstance into that of a witch hunt.
  This man has been gay and proud for who knows how long, but now that someone has accused him of something horrible, he is the bad guy, despite his achievements.  Logic does not come into play normally with stories like this and it's maddening!
  It drives me crazy that people would rather believe the worst in people before they choose to fathom the best in them, even though everyone wants others to do that for them.  People would rather believe that a dog with blood and flesh dripping from it's mouth is innocent before believing fact and logic about a human being. How sad for us.


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