Sunday, November 4, 2012


Hmmm.... Let's see.  I tried this before and didn't get far, but with my evergrowing age comes an evergrowing passion for different aspects about life.  I have to chuckle at my scene right now, writing in a blog, coffee cup on a school book, and listening to classical music!  Why the classical music you ask?  If I know me, which I do very well, I know listening to anything with words will be too much for my brain when I am trying to put all these thoughts down. ;)  So here goes:

  Choices.... Have you ever really thought about this concept, I mean really, really, truly thought about it?  After seeing a political cartoon on FB which depicts the want of some to force their religious beliefs onto others as a way of telling them what to do with their lives, similar to that of the Taliban.  The comments on this picture were mostly in agreeance, but of course there were those who were not so eager to agree.  Trying to take away someone's CHOICE, something that most everyone has waited for almost their entire young life, is an absolutely horrible and ridiculous thing to do!  Think about it, when we are children, we want to grow up so fast.  We want to be able to CHOOSE for ourselves what we eat, what we watch, what we play with, and even what time we go to bed and wake up.  Alas, because we are children, for most of us, those were never our CHOICES to make.  Therefore we are forced to wait, wait until we become adults so that we then can make CHOICES and decisions for ourselves like our parents.

   In a way, as a child, being able to make our own CHOICES is almost a privilege.  A privilege we will get once we are grown up enough.  Now fast forward to the future, you are now an adult, you work, pay bills, and do all of the grown up things that you so wanted to do as a child; even though it is not as fun as you may have thought it would be.  Along with the dreaded responsibilities also comes the wonderful power of CHOICE!  How exciting to be able to go to bed when you want to, eat what you want, dress how you want, and even go where you want to!  It has finally happened, you have transgressed into CHOICE-hood!  Everything you do is a direct result of the CHOICES that you, and you alone make, how wonderful!  If you want your own apartment, you make it happen because you CHOOSE to work.  Your CHOICE to work grants you the ability to buy your own food, your own clothes, and drive a car possibly.  Now that you have reached the CHOICE-hood mountaintop the world is your oyster.....unless you are a woman.  No longer is CHOICE-hood so great because when it comes to certain CHOICES, it is not just you that is affected or even necessarily involved.  You may make the CHOICE to have sex, but now the ramifications of that are no longer your CHOICE.  The person you CHOOSE to have sex with is now involved in the after CHOICES as well as your doctor, your body as the silent negotiator, and some people seem to think them as well.  Random people who you may have never met or heard of in your entire life, now feel the need to be apart of your CHOICE making process.  People who are not interested in your well-being, now feel that they should be included in how you proceed with just this portion of CHOICE-hood.
  I suppose that might be a good thing to have someone involved in your CHOICE-hood when it comes to deciding if the dress you picked out was horribly ugly or the way you plan to do your hair just doesn't quite fit your face or even to help you eat a little healthier.  Unfortunately these people are just not that interested in those CHOICES because they are about you.  No, no, no, these people are interested in your CHOICES now, because their CHOICE is to meddle, prod, and stand on their soapbox about something that does not concern them in the least.  Their CHOICE is not to educate you on your CHOICES, but rather to tell you flat out what would be in your best far as they're concerned, of course.  Can you imagine how horrible life would be for someone to make all of your adult CHOICES for you....without even knowing you or giving a damn about how you would be affected by those CHOICES? 


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