Friday, November 9, 2012

Damn you pride!

A long time ago, it took a very good friend to look me in the eye and tell me there's nothing wrong with asking for help.  It was with her advice that I learned how to truly start being less co dependant on other people. I know that may sound odd, but it makes sense in my twisted logic, loll. I was fortunate through the game show of my early life to be surrounded by some of the most intelligent people I have ever had the pleasure to encounter. From high school to my early twenties I was Blessed to have the company of people who were so open minded, honest, kind, real, and trustworthy so and so's,lol. I am so grateful to have been influenced by these people, they showed me how to be a better person, an honest person, the kind of person that many people have never ever encountered in their life and probably never will. I know that it is important to be humble and especially giving, I know that it is as important to be giving as much as it is important to take sometimes. I know that it is important to be there for people and take time for myself. I know that it is important to be complimentary and lift others up as much as it is important to want to be lifted up. I know how important it is to have a mutual respect for other people and their feelings and I can say that I love that about me, so thank you my Tucson friends! You are all incredible in your own way.

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