Thursday, December 13, 2012


  I have been attempting to be a better person in every aspect of my life.  This includes attempting not to talk as much $#!t as I normally do about random people (kinda), making sure to lift up others every single day as much as possible, doing more for random people I don't know, things like that, but today I was truly tested.  I don't understand what seems to be women's natural instinct to be catty and on the edge.  Someone I see just about everyday, made it clear, quite a few times today, that because I was dressed a certain way this meant that I was competing with her somehow?!  I am still struggling to understand why if you see someone else, especially someone who is supposed to be your friend, dressed in a way that you feel makes you look bad I'm guessing; you're reaction is to challenge that person.  Why is it a challenge?  Why is this a showdown suddenly?  Why is it that I can give you a compliment just about every time I see you, yet you feel the need to take the opposite route with me?  Why? Why? Why?  This has been going through my brain all day, I wonder if maybe she was just having a bad day, if she wasn't feeling good, or perhaps even going through something crazy in her personal life; leaving her distracted and out of sorts.

  My first reaction was anger and then more anger because her attitude kept up all day.  I even got so upset about it at one point that I had decided to just leave her be and leave whatever relationship we had, in the past.  I have gotten over this irrational thinking and decided that is not the path I want to take, that is a path I reserve for people that I don't know.  Normally when someone above the rank of "acquaintance" does something stupid, annoying, or aggravating, I call them on it.  But the thing about being an upfront person is knowing WHEN to be upfront.  Knowing that she was out of character today, I will leave our come to Jesus meeting for tomorrow when both of our emotions are a bit more stable.  I look forward to having this discussion with her, because I plan on giving her the rundown of her actions today.  Luckily she is a very receptive person and I know that she will take what I am saying as just me talking to her and not me trying to talk down to her.

  We've all had interactions with people like this at one point in our past... isn't it annoying when you know someone is acting out of character and they need a reality slap?  Luckily she has a good friend like me to bring reality right back to her ;)  Tomorrow's a new day!

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