Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tis the SEASON!

  While perusing the interwebs, I found an interesting link to a website that claimed to give to others by simply having its visitors "click".  As a functioning member of society, I am all too familiar with the ridiculous ways people try to scam others, whether it be by creating traffic to their website for ulterior motives or trying to send you a virus by clicking on the links.  It's pretty depressing to even sit and think about the possible reasons for why someone feels the need to get over on other people, but we all know that everybody has their own silly, unnecessary excuses that only make sense to them.  I was so excited that my research actually found websites that were true to form!  Being a philanthropist who will be embarking on a new en-devour myself soon, I could think of no better way to use this information, than to share it with as many people as possible!  The websites also include other fantabulous ways that you can help the causes.  As I share these links with you as well as click the links daily (saved to my favorites ^.^), I ask that you all do the same, such a small gesture that can do so much for other people.  So let's all get to clickin'!


Above the click buttons is a toolbar with different causes that you can Click-to-help. ^.^

To Help with Breast Cancer

To Help with Animals

To Help with Hunger

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